This mesmerizing theater named Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre, opened in December 2021, was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Future Project Award in the Cultural category. London-based Steven Chilton Architects is inspired by The Sea of Bamboo Park in Yixing, the largest bamboo forest in China. Located close to Lake Taihu in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province in China.


During the night, the structure is illuminated from below creating a breathtaking view of the facade. Acting almost like a beacon, the light from the structure radiates from across Lake Taihu drawing audiences towards the theatre…



Pastry chef, Dinara Kasko pushes the limits of the creation by working the food such an architect. She is an Ukrainian culinary artist with a degree in architecture that combines her two passions to create incredible kinetic tarts. Dinara has a fascination for aesthetic and styling food. Foods are cut, carved, molded, worked. Their natural character is hidden to create confusion. Dinara: “I have always liked cakes. Since my early childhood, I have liked sweets. When my mom cooked a dessert, it was a holiday for me’…



Kasko likes to push the boundaries in the world of cooking. Working with an array of artists across various disciplines, Dinara models its molds using software, 3ds Max, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper using a 3D Ultimaker printer. She favors cakes with geometric shapes such as cubes, triangles, and spheres and likes to use sharp, straight lines in her work. When it comes to color, she prefers to work with black, red, and white.


Kasko creates a 3D model on her computer, prints a cake mold on a 3D printer using plastic, and casts it with silicone. She then fills the silicone mold with her ingredients and bakes it. Edible architecture made from silicone moulds. The complex math (algorithms) applied to producing the moulds for Kasko’s creations, simulates the gravity movements and interactions of objects in space. This unique process creates quasi-kinetic designs and a real visual spectacle; innovating and inspiring to the world of food.



Contemporary rugs look more like paintings than ever before. A beautiful rug can have the same energising effect on a room as hanging a painting on a bare wall. House of Tai Ping creates amazing bespoke rugs and textile floor coverings. They are headquartered in Hong Kong, with 14 showrooms across Europe, Asia and North America. House of Tai Ping covers every sphere of the residential and hospitality markets. Inspiring moods, colours, textures, pattern designs and prices starting around 10.000,- euro’s?. By the way, check out Walter Knolls cozy Badawi pillows and his ‘legends-of-carpets’ too…

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