Analysts estimate that CBD will reach $22 billion in retail sales by 2026. CBD (a non-psychoactive product of the Cannabis plant) is being studied for therapeutic options. Severe conditions such as epileptic seizures, neuropathic pain and diabetes. Yet in more recreational settings, people are finding support in reducing stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation, as well as increasing focus, calmness, regulating appetite and metabolism…


CBD is about balancing, levelling and smoothing sensation in the body, rather than leaving the user with a “stoned” effect (caused by the psychoactive compound in cannabis = THC, removed from CBD products). Hemp derived CBD is legal in all 50 states in the USA. Even Coca-Cola is rumored to be developing a CBD product…


Check out these examples of ready-to-consume cannabis infused products… Drinks; Heineken introduced CBD Lagunitas beer, Recess sparkling water (U.S.) that promise to keep buyers ‘calm, cool and collected’. According to analysts in Forbes; ‘Starbucks might be the first big chain to launch CBD infused drinks’. Green Monkey and Botanic Lab already released ‘UK’s first’ CBD-infused soft drink. Foods; ice-cream, yogurts, soups, chocolate, cookies, chewing gum… Pain relief products, like BCD infused ‘recovery’ socks; for sale at Amazon… CBD Skin care products; The Body Shop, Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics. Weight loss promotion; CV Sciences Inc. and what about CBD infused textiles; by Devan Chemicals…


Millions of people suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or other sleep disorders. Devan Chemicals Belgium, promotes deep sleep via its ‘R-vital™’ range with a new cbd-encapsulated textile treatment. When the skin touches the fabric, the resulting friction causes the capsules to break, releasing the CBD ingredients to the body. 


Since our skin is our body’s largest organ, it is ideal for transporting these ingredients, adding comfort, care and well-being with anti-oxidative effects to the body while sleeping. According to Devan Chemicals, CBD can be applied to everything from bedding to sleepwear fabrics. 



Barneys New York, an American chain of luxury department stores, will open its ‘High End’. High End is a luxury cannabis and wellness concept shop on the 5th floor of the Beverly Hills flagship location this month. “Barneys New York has always been at the forefront of shifts in culture and lifestyle, and cannabis is no exception,” according to Barneys New York CEO. Featuring an exclusive partnership with upscale Cannabis company Beboe (starting to be embraced by the Hollywood A-list as the ‘Hermès of marijuana’…)


Green Growth Brands launches Seventh Sense across the U.S. Seventh Sense Botanical Therapy is a high-quality line of specially designed body and skin care products, made with essential oils and CBD. ‘Early results have seen Seventh Sense products selling at three times the typical performance of personal care products,’ Green Growth Brands CEO P. Horvath.



Serra redesigned cannabis shopping into an experience that feels completely opposite to that of buying from your black-market dealer. Serra’s signature phrase, “Quality Drugs,” written in flawless script, is a bold statement that simultaneously acknowledges cannabis’ history and future…


Overwhelmed by modern‑day society, 24/7 connection, whether from politics, technology, the jobs, the economy; people are searching for solutions to take back control, whether through medication, yoga, sleepvacations or cannabis… We are loosing the negative image of this product, seeing potentional and the benefits. In my opinion, the CBD ‘fad’ is here to stay!

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