‘Open your senses, Open your world, experience Open’…       



Research and concept for: Open, travel agency of the future. Open = deepsea travel agency + experience center + sleep care. Open is about well-being and health improvement; energizing, mood-lifting, revitalizing. A ticket to a ‘hybrid retreat’. The travel agency offers innovations for maximum (water) relaxation, immersive underwater virtual ‘dome video projection’ and sleep care units/sleeping pods with ’transcranial magnetic stimulation’ (brain stimulation method to treat mood and sleep disorders) technology.



Due to overpopulation, rising water levels, global warming and future extreme climate changes; underwater architecture, floating cities, underwater- hotels and tourism is a fact…


Healthy living is becoming a status symbol. There is a rising awareness of the toxic impacts of our environment and the lifestyle that it encourages…


Due to our hectic lifestyle, the ever-present technology, a rapidly changing world; by 2030 scientists expect a significant increase in people with severe sleep and stress disorders…


Consumers nowadays are very selective. Consumers demand customized personal service and a unique experience, which is not feasible online…

Energy pods / sleeping pods / Sleeping Experience, with TMS technology and soothing sounds and rhythms

Open / Water Bar

Open your senses, Open your world, experience Open…

Location / Open, Amsterdam Noord


Nearly 90% of Mars’ surface has been mapped; less than 5% of the ocean’s secrets…




digital art / photo styling / graphic design / branding

Vogue magazine is about beauty, to style, jewelry, culture and lifestyle. Studio Ho developed a visually daring advertising concept for Gucci’s necklace design. Instead of showing the product in a traditional way, the necklace around the neck, the look and feel consists of strong silhouettes, presented in a dynamic unconventional manner.


Advertising display / Gucci jewelry campaign

Check out Gucci’s 2017 surreal ad campaign by Alessandro Michele in Studio Ho’s blog! Spaceships, humanoids, aliens, robots, earthlings and even dinosaurs. A Gucci campaign full of psychedelic imagination and fantasy…





creative direction / retail styling / editorial for Alvar magazine / food styling / prop and set styling / photo styling / graphic design / branding

Baut seafood & art is situated in a huge formal empty Citroen garage of 1000 m2, next to the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Creative, dynamic, diverse, accessible and sustainable, that is Baut. A restaurant where you can not only enjoy food, but also visit contemporary art exhibitions. Baut is ‘The Way’ to give empty buildings, a spiritless shell, back a creative soul…

Baut retail concept is based on; ‘The Contemporary Art of Urban Nature’… A unique break out in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. The art objects, recycled and upcycled furniture play an important part in the look-and-feel of the restaurant. The use of sustainable materials, such as; recycled art objects, reclaimed wood, recycled and upcycled furniture (f.e. dunnage airbags from shipping industry). Upcycled materials such as; wood, paper and plastics…


Baut Amsterdam building / exterior / former Citroen garage of 1000m2

Editorial and photoshoot for Alvar magazine (concept, creative direction, prop & set styling, food styling, photo styling). Alvar magazine explores the links and relationships between style, culture, creativity and society. Photography by Ronald Brakel. Model and make up, Ludmila Lapteva.





Creative direction, lighting design, pattern design, interior design, wallpaper design, packaging design, branding, advertising, image and set styling, photostyling.

Incredible Edible (Incredible) is a chocolate retail concept for Japanese patissier and chocolatier Sadaharu Aioki, in Amsterdam. In the store, a new chocolate product line will be introduced. The chocolate contains insects as ingredients (ants, beetles and mealworms). This retail concept, a brand extension of Sadaharu’s Japanese flavours, is aiming to build a bridge of understanding and acceptance of eating insects in Europe. The retail insect experience consists of graphic prints on wallpaper, applied on floor, chocolate packaging, interior and lighting design.


Incredible edible / material mood

Incredible logo / inspired by underground ant tunnels

Incredible edible uniform

Incredible packaging design /  insect chocolate bar

Advertising visual / insect chocolate sprinkles

Advertising visual / floating chocolate bar

Packaging  / chocolate insect bars



Advertising posters / let life surprise you… The pay-off was inspired by the following words: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get’. A quote from the novel ‘Norwegian Wood’, by famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. In other words, never loose your curiousity and open-mindedness; ‘Let life surprise you, Incredible’…

Mood / minimal, pure, white, pattern, geometrical, organic, contrast


Integrating the Incredible brand story and perception. Apart from pattern and packaging designs, the insects are also visibly reflected in the interior; functioning as a floating display and pendant light. The Incredible pendant light is made of two symmetrical bamboo bowls, in between a plexiglass ring. Each side of the bowl is covered by a circle-shaped transparent Fresnel plexiglass plate. The Fresnel plate will produce magnified images, insects. The visual objects inside the lamp are replaceable. The light source is made of flexible LED strip lights with 3M adhesive backing, which are attached on the inside of the bowls.

Incredible counter / organic irregularity versus geometrical order

Incredible branding / biodegradable paper bag + inks


pattern design / packaging design / product design / interior design



Ants taste like citrus, mealworms like hazelnuts, beetles like walnuts. The oldest records of Japanese entomophagy, bug eating, are from the Edo period (1603-1868). Today, there is a movement led by gourmet chefs, activists, authors and food experts who are promoting insects as a delicious food of the future. Michelin-starred Noma head chef René Redzepi, who’s never shy of controversy, is in favour of using insects to create delicate but intense flavours. Insects are healthy and very protein-rich.

Incredible wall display


Incredible does not fear to go into confrontation and to trigger consumers. But it needs an open mind (‘life is like a box of chocolates’…). Incredible responds to the need of eating insects; making it more accessible. The target group are ’the early adopters’, in particular women in the age of 30-60 years.


Due to the rising world population and economic prosperity, the demand for meat will increase with 75% in 2050. Research has shown that the production of insects is much more environmentally friendly than the production of meat from cattle breeding. If you look at the nutritional value, insects are a good alternative to meat; awareness, inspiration… change!



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