branding / logo design / packaging. It is widely celebrated for its medicinal properties, but one of the unexpected side effects was the discovery of how amazingly calming and anti-inflammatory certain cannabinoids are on the skin.

The hemp industry is expanding all over the world, from Europe and North America to India and China. As consumers turn to more healthy, ‘eco’ oriented products, the demand for hemp in Europe is currently double the supply on the continent reflecting more investment opportunities… Studio Ho designed a new packaging line for Paradise hemp cosmetics; more details and designs will follow.



concept / brand identity / image styling / product design / graphic design / character illustrations

2bizzi (too busy) is a fresh new brand for babies and todlers, age ± 0-3 years. Young children partly live in a fantasy world; which we recognize in ‘The world of 2bizzi’. The character illustrations are deliberately kept simple, to stimulate the fantasy world of young children.


2bizzi consists of a large group of funny recognizable animals/fantasy friends. For each child there is a 2bizzi buddy who appeals to them. Each character has its own identity, charm and name. One is naughty and funny the other sweet and playful. With 2bizzi you’re never alone!


The 2bizzi brand consists of a little baby basic clothes line; 2bizzi rompers, t-shirts and baby panties. Product design; 2bizzi sponge and bath ball, 2bizzi perfume. 2bizzi home line; pillow and duvet covers. The 2bizzi party line; folding paper glasses, paper plates, 2bizzi lemonade bottles with straw and a 2bizzi coloring book.


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‘Open your senses, Open your world, experience Open’…       



Research and concept for: Open, travel agency of the future. Open = deepsea travel agency + experience center + sleep care. Open is about well-being and health improvement; energizing, mood-lifting, revitalizing. A ticket to a ‘hybrid retreat’. The travel agency offers innovations for maximum (water) relaxation, immersive underwater virtual ‘dome video projection’ and sleep care units/sleeping pods with ’transcranial magnetic stimulation’ (brain stimulation method to treat mood and sleep disorders) technology.



Due to overpopulation, rising water levels, global warming and future extreme climate changes; underwater architecture, floating cities, underwater- hotels and tourism is a fact…


Healthy living is becoming a status symbol. There is a rising awareness of the toxic impacts of our environment and the lifestyle that it encourages…


Due to our hectic lifestyle, the ever-present technology, a rapidly changing world; by 2030 scientists expect a significant increase in people with severe sleep and stress disorders…


Consumers nowadays are very selective. Consumers demand customized personal service and a unique experience, which is not feasible online…

Energy pods / sleeping pods / Sleeping Experience, with TMS technology and soothing sounds and rhythms

Open / Water Bar

Open your senses, Open your world, experience Open…

Location / Open, Amsterdam Noord


Nearly 90% of Mars’ surface has been mapped; less than 5% of the ocean’s secrets…






retail branding / product design / graphic design / logo design / interior styling / visual communication

Focus Pocus outdoor restaurant concept (brand extension) for Zuperzozial. The Zuperzozial collection consists of colourful and contemporary tableware; joyful and stylish as they are durable. Zuperzozial innovative products are made of natural materials; based on biodegradable bamboo and corn.

‘Focus Pocus’ (Fop’s) retail and furniture concept, is a multi-sensory food experience. A virtual reality outdoor restaurant roller-coaster; by using a ‘Google cardboard’ headset, your smartphone and the Focus Pocus app. Enter a ‘zuperzenzazional’ food adventure; ‘what you see (and smell)… is not what you eat’…

Fop’s furniture seating design (the Zuperzenzazional collection) is made of recycled and durable materials; birch plywood and natural artificial grass, Royal Ecosens with mint technology. Birch plywood is an abundant, fast growing species (no destruction or disruption of biodiversity when birch is felled).


Zuperzozial tableware / DNA moodboard / durable design, natural materials, 100% biodegradable, colourful, innovative

Zuperzenzazional / focus pocus target group moodboard / early adopters, age 30-40 yrs, educated, openminded, conscious living



Lighting design by Phoa product design. The design of Karaat originated from material and form research. Carat has geometry as its basis, the pentagon. The ingenious folding technique and light trap creates a ‘cut gem’. Hence the name Karaat. Branding, logo and design are inspired by the typical abstract geometrical structure of Karaat’s folding technique.



Wanderland, The Wanderful World of Marcel Wanders, embraces ‘chaos’, ejects minimalism. Wander’s fantastical design philosophy is about ‘poetry, fantasy and romance of different ages’… Wanderland pitch; part of an online campaign concept for Marcel Wanders. (Marcel with golden clown nose / image rights, M Wanders).




website / branding /  identity / logo /  Silktravel is a tour operator for exclusive holidays. Travel agency for inspiration, ambiance, privacy and the ultimate luxury experience…



Small changes, big impact, more SFZ branding. Studio Ho’s intervention was to create an eyecatcher and a powerful statement using bold and bright colours in the SFZ (Sociaal Fonds Zelfstandigen) waiting area. The interior styling concept was inspired by the colourful Pantone brand colors, SFZ logo and corporate designs by Studio Ho. Smart storage boxes for business magazines are integrated in the contemporary colorful artwork rug, attached on the wall. 

SFZ waiting area / interior before…

More color, texture and warmth; woollen pile carpet and upholstered linen sofa

Corporate designs and branding, a.o. marine racing designs, online banners, webdesign, sponsor fencing banner




101% XENOS

store design / retail branding and design / retail styling

Studio Ho developed a new Xenos retail store concept. Xenos is a Dutch retail chain in household goods, home decoration and fun everyday items. The assortment of the old formula is not unique anymore. The product range should be adapted to the new concept; 101% Xenos. Affordable quality design products; an aesthetic product range, trendy, authentic, distinctive and well-designed. 101% Xenos; dynamic assortments and a revised styling presentation of all products.

101% MOOD

Next to energetic, vibrant and bold colours, to excite and stimulate customers, more natural materials, textures and subtle colour schemes are added. Warm wooden decorations, wooden pannels and display shelving, to create a more authentic and cosy shopping experience. The 101% Xenos product range is divided into six product groups, designing the overall structure and to put decision-making closer to the customer, simplifing the purchasing process.


For customer engagement and integrating the 101% Xenos brand story and perception, the differentation in colours and 101% Xenos stamp is visible and reflected in the environment; from storefront, print, signage, packaging, uniform, social media. Coherence and consistency is key.


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