Painting / Coral series
Dimensions: D15 x W60 x H60 cm
Recycled paper pulp, acrylic paint





Dimensions: D2,5 x W150 x H200 cm
Recycled paper pulp, acrylic paint


Fascinated by the beauty of Japanese Wabi Sabi, inspired by aerial views of rugged mountains; Sher’s relief paintings are characterised by rough, flawed materials and surfaces…Focusing on raw beauty of nature, e.g. gradual erosion. Wabi sabi accepts the imperfection of natural processes, the cycle of growth and decay, the impermanence of all things…

Inspired by aerial views of rugged mountains…

Studio Ho uses experimental techniques to create heavy textures…

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Layout design, colors, finishes, materials, supporting purchase project furniture, office design and styling consultation.

Client SFZ will move into the 3rd floor of an office building in Amsterdam together with 3oaks. Both companies stand for a clear basis with effective solutions which is reflected in the interior design. For example, the choice was made for an office that was as transparent as possible by using transparent office glass cubicles, glass partition walls. Modern epoxy white flooring juxtaposed with colourfull carpet accents and floors give different functions within the building. The colors in the logo of SFZ and 3oaks together (bright blue, orange, grey and black tones) appear in the interior and styling and add color to the white office space. Blue carpet combined on flooring and wall has been chosen in the central entrance.


More info will follow soon…





The house was build in 1881, reattached from two previously smaller houses. Prior to the renovation the interior lacked atmosphere and domesticity. Studio Ho’s approach was to create a warm and authentic space for the client with a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Studio Ho loves to combine both contemporary design elements with ethnic collectibles; inspired by the aesthetic of Japanese ‘wabi sabi’. Natural colours and materials combined with simple clean lines; to allow the ethnic objects to stand out in the interior.

A limited palette of white and beige limewashed walls, rustic wooden panels, white, grey riverwashed Neolith surfaces, natural stone ceramics flooring and contrasting black powder-coated steel accents; to create a well-balanced and atmospheric interior.

The living room is separated from the kitchen and dining room. The family can use both spaces separately, this creates a great deal of privacy. Natural warm brown, beige tints and black steel details set the tone in the interior, which includes a cozy built-in gas fire next to the dining table. Dining tabletop; made from antique Chinese elm wood.

Interior styling / contemporary / ethnic




Entrance / Interior styling and design for a luxurious appartement building in Utrecht, by renowed Dutch architect Cees Dam [ Stopera, Amsterdam ]. Cees Dam’s biggest inspirator is Italian architect Carlo Scarpa. Scarpa was fascinated by Japan and the Japanese beliefs of space and how they use it. He also took the wabi-sabi beliefs of the Japanese into his work.


According to Cees Dam; architecture = art. The essence lies in ‘de verwondering, amazement’. Where tradition meets new forms and possibilities… The interior styling concept is inspired by Cees Dam’s philosopy and his strong admiration for Carlo Scarpa’s love of Japanese architecture, use of natural materials, minimalism design and their understanding of nature.


More details/designs on this project will follow…





Trendbook research, interpreting trends on aspects of materials, textures, surfaces, patterns and colors.

Unplug and reconnect. Close your eyes, escape from reality. Liberating ourselves, cutting of (online) strings. Demanding transparency, privacy, trust. Discovering the undiscovered, etherial, elusive, intangible. Looking for special hideaway places, quiet places. Seeking tactility, simplification, authentic materials. It will give us a sense of safety, intimacy and belonging. Integrating warmth, lightness and pureness of nature; into our homes and lives.

Look en feel: warm, transparant, soft, silky, delicate. Seeking tactility, lightness. Misty frosted colours. Icy blues, transparant greys, pale pink, mauve.

Look en feel: translucent, natural, cozy, authentic. Organic touch, soft textures. Silky feathers, warm wool, airy, serene, misty, delicate. Monochrome, neutral nuances.

Look en feel: enlightment, quietness, tranquility, embracing nature and anonymity. Hiding yourself, escaping from reality. Moments of calmness and silence..

Colours: etherial soft pastels, nude colours, icy, frosted, translucent, with lightness, dreamy…

Look and feel: innovative illusive fibers, heat reactive transfers, neon plastics. Metallic hues, holographic effects. 3D dimensional, illumination of bouncing light, digitalized and surreal.

technical, futuristic, geometrical, modified, manipulated, alienating…

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branding / logo design / packaging. It is widely celebrated for its medicinal properties, but one of the unexpected side effects was the discovery of how amazingly calming and anti-inflammatory certain cannabinoids are on the skin.

The hemp industry is expanding all over the world, from Europe and North America to India and China. As consumers turn to more healthy, ‘eco’ oriented products, the demand for hemp in Europe is currently double the supply on the continent reflecting more investment opportunities… Studio Ho designed a new packaging line for Paradise hemp cosmetics; more details and designs will follow.



‘Open your senses, Open your world, experience Open’…       



Research and concept for: Open, travel agency of the future. Open = deepsea travel agency + experience center + sleep care. Open is about well-being and health improvement; energizing, mood-lifting, revitalizing. A ticket to a ‘hybrid retreat’. The travel agency offers innovations for maximum (water) relaxation, immersive underwater virtual ‘dome video projection’ and sleep care units/sleeping pods with ’transcranial magnetic stimulation’ (brain stimulation method to treat mood and sleep disorders) technology.



Due to overpopulation, rising water levels, global warming and future extreme climate changes; underwater architecture, floating cities, underwater- hotels and tourism is a fact…


Healthy living is becoming a status symbol. There is a rising awareness of the toxic impacts of our environment and the lifestyle that it encourages…


Due to our hectic lifestyle, the ever-present technology, a rapidly changing world; by 2030 scientists expect a significant increase in people with severe sleep and stress disorders…


Consumers nowadays are very selective. Consumers demand customized personal service and a unique experience, which is not feasible online…

Energy pods / sleeping pods / Sleeping Experience, with TMS technology and soothing sounds and rhythms

Open / Water Bar

Open your senses, Open your world, experience Open…

Location / Open, Amsterdam Noord


Nearly 90% of Mars’ surface has been mapped; less than 5% of the ocean’s secrets…









This trendbook informs and inspires companies and organizations on trends and the future. From researching and translating trends, using visuals, key color combinations, materials and keywords. From inspiration to insights and perspectives…


There will be an increasing need to embrace values of natural simplicity; the organic and irregular over the mechanical. The purity of natural impulsive processes. This is the human-oriented natural counter-movement. Incorporating unique and serene element of the unexpected, through the filter of man’s intuitive imagination. Ordered chaos of natural irregular influences…


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