Kinheim is a serviceflat for senior members, the apartment block offers 133 units. The existing entrance canopy is outdated and was in need of a new look and feel. The origin of the name ‘Kinheim’ is derived from Anglo-Saxon evangelizers (± 700 BC) to proclaim Christianity. Hence the choice to take the circle as a starting point. The landscaping elements form an integral part of the Kinheim fascade / exterior design plan.


The circle is an ancient and universally religious symbol of unity, perfection, prosperity and eternity. In relation to the elderly, the materials and the symbolic value of a circle shaped entrance was an appropriate solution. Apart from the building’s modest look, composed of simple straight geometric lines, the interior of the renovated reception area is circular shaped.


Corten steel is a good weathering resistance copper chromium alloy steel. Adhering a protective patina layer of rust when exposed to the elements. Thanks to the patina on the surface, Corten steel is capable of lasting for decades. The patina is characterised by its rust-brown colour.


Copper is man’s oldest metal, dating back more than 10,000 years. The Egyptians used the ‘ankh’ symbol to represent copper in their system of hieroglyphs. It also represented eternal life and happiness. Strength and durability, resisting corrosion; functional and a warm decorative material.

Kinheim entrance / before renovation

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