Hinoki Home relaxation collection, cultivating a set of daily rituals, is designed for Japanese lifestyle brand Muji. Muji’s philosopy is kanketsu = simplicity. The productline consists of a small serving tea table, reflexology massage mat, speaker sound-diffuser, led-light-diffuser and a heating bath ball with thermometer. All products are ‘Cota’ wireless rechargeable.


The relaxation homeline ‘Scent of Japan’ consists of bamboo and aromatic cypress, which is Japan’s best-known tree; Hinoki. Hinoki has been used in the construction of temples, shrines and baths in Japan for centuries. Tradition embedded with (invisible) technological innovation.


Hinoki scent has a unique smell, which is very characteristic for Japan. Smells of the surrounding greenery and Japanese hot spring, a soft touch of meditative incense. A rich woody and fresh citrus fragrance with a mystical edge. Experience a sense of tranquility and Japanese nature… The round shapes of the collection is inspired by ‘The rising sun’, symbol of Japan and the Japanese Zen circle = enso.

Properties of Hinoki wood; relaxing, calming, air revitalizing, refreshing, mood energizer.

The teapot can be placed in the circle shaped milled hole filled with Hinoki balls; equipped with heating elements, activated by the pressure of the teapot. It will release Hinoki scent and simultaneously keeps the tea on temperature.

Reflexology massage mat, pressure point massage, spreads Hinoki fragrance. Massage mat with built-in infrared heating elements; heating elements are activated when touched.

‘Bamboooo’ speaker sound and lofty led light is inspired by a bamboo forest. Fast growing and very common in Japan, which is also the most important raw material for this product line. The shape of the product also refers to subtle indirect light, like a tsuitate (Japanese folding screen). Spreads Hinoki odor, wireless connected to various media.

Hinoki Bath Ball, a portable device with a heating element that you can use to warm up your bath water. Heating element is activated by water; indicator shows water temperature digitally and simultaneously changes in colour.


Muji’s philosophy kanketsu = simplicity. Other core values; natural, unpretentious. 418 stores worldwide, 54 in Europe



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