Light sculpture / Vase, for artificial flowers
Dimensions light sculpture, vase: D37 x W47 x H53 cm
Dimensions shelf: D36,5 x W63 x H5,5 cm
Weight: ± 15 kilo   Single edition: 1/1 
Led light, recycled paper pulp, wood, polymer, brass



This statement piece, vase and light sculpture is inspired by the laws and forces of nature, entangled and twisted silhouettes. Embracing amorphous lines, soft curves and fluidity, in dialogue with nature. There is a story behind every handcrafted object; this object is a symbol for the twisssts and turns in life… Life takes us in different directions and unexpected paths, nothing in life is linear… ‘Rollercoaster 4’ can be viewed in multiple ways; each side will give you a whole other perspective. The ‘Life is a rollercoaster’ collection blurs the line between form and function. 


Life is a Rollercoaster 4



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