101% XENOS

store design / retail branding and design / retail styling

Studio Ho developed a new Xenos retail store concept. Xenos is a Dutch retail chain in household goods, home decoration and fun everyday items. The assortment of the old formula is not unique anymore. The product range should be adapted to the new concept; 101% Xenos. Affordable quality design products; an aesthetic product range, trendy, authentic, distinctive and well-designed. 101% Xenos; dynamic assortments and a revised styling presentation of all products.

101% MOOD

Next to energetic, vibrant and bold colours, to excite and stimulate customers, more natural materials, textures and subtle colour schemes are added. Warm wooden decorations, wooden pannels and display shelving, to create a more authentic and cosy shopping experience. The 101% Xenos product range is divided into six product groups, designing the overall structure and to put decision-making closer to the customer, simplifing the purchasing process.


For customer engagement and integrating the 101% Xenos brand story and perception, the differentation in colours and 101% Xenos stamp is visible and reflected in the environment; from storefront, print, signage, packaging, uniform, social media. Coherence and consistency is key.


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