This trendbook informs and inspires companies and organizations on trends and the future. From researching and translating trends, using visuals, key color combinations, materials and keywords. From inspiration to insights and perspectives…



High-tech environments will bring connections in poetic ways; between ideology and technology. Blending landscapes, showing the beauty and interaction of innovation and technology (life extending / life saving) and intriguing experiences of the senses. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, self learning machines, nanotechnology, biotechnology, singularity, robotics, habitable exoplanets, 3/4/5D printing, genomics, crispr-cas; exponential disruptive technology…


MOOD / techno poetry / trendbook blendscape

SHAPE / techno poetry / trendbook blendscape

MATERIAL / techno poetry / trendbook blendscape

PATTERN / techno poetry / trendbook blendscape


The color story is dark and strong, consisting of different purple shades and dark blue. Inspired by dark metals and ores of the future. Simplicity, mysterious, jet black, dark purple, ebony, gun metal and silvery metallic. Accent elements of bright neon light along with interesting prints, textures and shapes.



Over the next 30 years, we will encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. We are exploring a revolutionary force of new innovative technology landscapes. High technology is disrupting all areas in the world, affecting every part of our lives. It will change our perception how we look at the world by playing at the boundaries of analog and digital. Boundaries between the real and the virtual world will fade away. The world urgently needs a new mindset and tools to overcome the challenges of technological disruption…


Check it out in our blog: ‘New nanomachines against cancer’. The use of nanotechnology in cancer treatment offers new possibilities. Including the possibility of destroying cancer tumors with minimal damage to healthy tissue and organs…


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