Trendbook research, interpreting trends on aspects of materials, textures, surfaces, patterns and colors.

Unplug and reconnect. Close your eyes, escape from reality. Liberating ourselves, cutting of (online) strings. Demanding transparency, privacy, trust. Discovering the undiscovered, etherial, elusive, intangible. Looking for special hideaway places, quiet places. Seeking tactility, simplification, authentic materials. It will give us a sense of safety, intimacy and belonging. Integrating warmth, lightness and pureness of nature; into our homes and lives.

Look en feel: warm, transparant, soft, silky, delicate. Seeking tactility, lightness. Misty frosted colours. Icy blues, transparant greys, pale pink, mauve.

Look en feel: translucent, natural, cozy, authentic. Organic touch, soft textures. Silky feathers, warm wool, airy, serene, misty, delicate. Monochrome, neutral nuances.

Look en feel: enlightment, quietness, tranquility, embracing nature and anonymity. Hiding yourself, escaping from reality. Moments of calmness and silence..

Colours: etherial soft pastels, nude colours, icy, frosted, translucent, with lightness, dreamy…

Look and feel: innovative illusive fibers, heat reactive transfers, neon plastics. Metallic hues, holographic effects. 3D dimensional, illumination of bouncing light, digitalized and surreal.

technical, futuristic, geometrical, modified, manipulated, alienating…

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