Sher Lohoo’s artistic sensitivity is not only in styling, branding and design, she also likes to express herself on canvas. Inspired and fascinated by the beauty of Japanese wabi sabi. Studio Ho’s relief paintings; flawed, scarred materials and surfaces, the enigma of time passing…


It describes a traditional Japanese aesthetic sensibility, based on an appreciation of the rustic beauty of nature (e.g. gradual erosion), focusing on finding raw beauty whithin the imperfections of life. Wabi sabi accepts the natural cycle of growth and decay. The impermanence of all things.


Characteristics of the wabi sabi aesthetic include roughness, simplicity, faded, austerity, asymmetry and appreciation of natural objects and processes. Raw textures of Japanese ceramics. Studio Ho also admires works of English Romantic painter W. Turner, an amazing seascape painter.

Studio Ho uses experimental techniques to create heavy textures…

If you are interested in more wabi sabi art, simply send an e-mail to info@studio.nl. You can ask about availability, pricing and further details. More wabi sabi inspired art by studio Ho is on its way…

Studio Ho, Parklaan 8, 2011 KV
Haarlem, The Netherlands

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+ (31) 06 54977949

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