Studio Ho is founded by Sher Lohoo. Sher loves to design, shape, color life and create art and interior stories that surprise. Tailoring to design lovers who want to own a handmade contemporary artwork, to reflect their unique personality, or to embellish your home with fine art prints and decorative interior items. Studio Ho is situated 15 minutes from Amsterdam. 



Earth 2 | wabi sabi line | painting, wall art

Fluid 1 | non linear line | art object

Rollercoaster 1 + 4 | non linear line | object, vase + lighting





Studio Ho in Haarlem has an interdisciplinary approach to creative projects, with a intuitive way of working. Pushing conventional boundaries to create unique craftmanship and designs to inspire people. Sher’s work is characterised by an interest and sensitivity for raw treasures in nature, earthy natural tones and textures, embracing the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic of imperfection.


Sher has a rich background in; product design / graphic design, at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU), Design Academy Eindhoven (P), Artemis Academy Amsterdam (trend forecasting / styling / art direction) and the University of Applied Photography Amsterdam. Creator of moods and atmospheres.


Sher has a fascination for this wonderful country since her trip to Japan in 1990. She has always been intrigued by their minimalistic designs, wabi sabi aesthetics and way of life. This has been strengthened by her Asian roots; born in Indonesia, the Emerald of the Equator, her ancestors descended from China, her DNA ‘evolved’ in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.


Wabi Sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, natural growth and decay. A crack in a ceramic bowl, a worn wooden hallway. Those signs of use are a story, symbolising the passage of time and loving use. Wabi sabi is about appreciating nature, natural materials like wood and stone, materials that age well.


Info Studio Ho logo. Ensō = Japanese Zen Buddhism 円相 = circle. The ensō circle is a universal symbol of wholeness, harmony, unity, strength, elegance, simplicity, perfection and completion. Ying Yang = Chinese philosophy 陰陽 = circle. Together a perfect circle; the two areas represent the opposing but complementary dynamic interaction of the energies, the design disciplines…

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